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YEAR 2017
By Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer,
The Lamp Of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries
(a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev. 21)

The General Prophesies below are from GOD, received through the HOLY GHOST. They are to guide us through out the Year 2017. We need Prayer for total victory, so join us wherever you are. Much Prayer and total FAITH in GOD will bring the much needed peace, happiness and prosperity in the lives of people and the society, and send evil away from our domain. We thank the Lord God Almighty for the fulfillments of all Year 2016 Prophesies and all the Testimonies of our brethren from all over the world.

This is the most critical moments in the history of the world!

The world is currently witnessing the most critical moments in history. Judging from the events around the world in the last few years, we can rightly say that the world has entered the last days, and without any doubt the world is now living in the biblical end times. Many lives have been lost and homes displaced as a result of war, political unrest and natural disasters. The level of havoc the wicked powers have wrecked in the lives of many is shocking! The terrorist groups continue to launch their heinous attacks around the world resulting in the loss of many lives. Countries all over the world continue to face economic crises and instability. The enemies are busy turning the world into a battle field for many. There is rising humanitarian needs in the areas of health, food, security and many more. The world needs peace and stability. It is our prayer that the God of peace will be merciful and extend His mighty Arms to save the world. In this last days, everyone has become the target of the wicked satanic powers in the world. Individual persons, homes and missionaries all over the world should be at alert and pray more!

Below are my Prophesies for 2017:-

- There will be rumors about end-time, though we are in the last days as revealed in the Bible but the world will not end in 2017. The only thing is that some major events will happen in the world that will shock the world! As a child of God, uphold the doctrine of Jesus Christ and serve him with all your heart. Those who are not yet born-again should run to Jesus and accept him as personal Lord and Savior. Anywhere you are on earth, pray to have the grace to preach the gospel of Christ to the people near you. The Church where the true word of God is preached is a safe place for the children of God to fellowship.

- West African countries will be hit by catastrophic economic crisis and instability in 2017. The unabated hyper-inflation will lead to rising prices and cause more poverty and increasing hunger. Bad Government policies will seriously affect these nations.    

- There will be crisis and several conflicts in the Middle East of which United States and Russia will get involved. Tensions between the US and Russia will rise over Syria!

- The world Health Organization (WHO) will achieve major successes in tackling health problems in the world.   

- In 2017, Epidemics and diseases will break out and affect many lives in the African countries.  World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant bodies shall arise promptly to save human lives.

- Global food supply will be affected by bad weather condition which will lead to food shortages, inflation and famine. Some parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia will be worst affected by drought leading to food shortages and famine.

- Servants of God and Churches all over the world should be prepared to fight a tougher war against wicked satanic power.

- Individual homes should move closer to God to overcome highly organized millennium witchcraft power that will destabilize many homes.

- In Africa and Asia crime waves will increase as a result of high poverty level and economic instability.

- There will be large terror attacks in America and Europe.

- Massive floods and rains, hurricanes, fire outbreaks, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will hit some part of Africa and Asia, and also Europe and America.

- Unemployment rate will continue to accelerate upward worldwide as a result of dwindling economic problems of the nations.

- The currencies of some nations, mostly in West Africa will continue to fall against the Dollars because of the prevailing economic problems in the affected nations.

- There will be political tension in some African countries and some senior political parties’ members and notable leaders will be assassinated.

- In 2017, the terrorists who are becoming more organized in their operations will launch more attacks in market places, churches, shopping centers, schools, camp grounds, stadium, airports, entertainment places and Government Institutions.

- 2017 will be a year of great spiritual awakening! Uncontrollable and frightening circumstances will force people to run to God for help and refuge.

Life Changing Books: Our ministry has published Life Changing Books that can be used by servants of God and their Churches, and also individual believers to help in anointing power impartation and Church growth. These are Holy Spirit inspired books and according to the Lord’s directive, we are mobilizing saints across the globe to partner with us in this vision of edifying the Church.

Catastrophes in the world to continue till Christ comes!

- In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus Christ spoke about all that would happen in the end times!

Many catastrophes and woes that happen in the world in this Last Days do not need any other further prophesies because they shall continue to happen year after year more violently till Christ comes. Many of these were man-made catastrophes and were caused by people – mainly by wars, terrorists attacks, religious, socio-political and civil riots. Others are sometimes referred to as natural disasters or "acts of God" which include earthquakes and landslides, flooding, snow and ice, cyclone, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, drought and famine etc. Others are epidemics and diseases. The Bible has spoken much about end time disasters that we are witnessing today. The only thing to advise everybody is to be at alert and be ready for Christ’ coming; to consider all these things as real evidence of end-time—for hell is real and heaven is real! Prayer can save nations and individual lives. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can find lasting peace, healing, deliverance and total freedom.

The Strongholds have to let you go in 2017!

This year shall be exceedingly tough for your oppressors! GOD shall fight for you and deliver you from your stubborn enemies with HIS MIGHTY STRONG ARMS in 2017.

Peace and Blessings to the World

For Year 2017 I saw this vision for true children of God and servants of God:
In my vision I saw in the sky the Language of Heaven “PASOTHO-MEROS-PATOSH-THOME……..”, meaning “VICTORY, PEACE, JOY AND BLESSINGS TO MY ELECTS”. In 2017 true covenant believers shall be blessed and be protected supernaturally by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. Praise God continually and remember the above power Words and speak it as often as you can while praising the Lord with Psalm 47.

Spiritual Empowerment for those who need it

Spiritual Empowerment is available for children of God, pastors, evangelists, bishops, reverends, apostles, prophets who have the calling of God and who earnestly seek for anointing power impartation in their respective ministries of calling. It is when the Shepherds of the Lord are empowered that efficacious message of eternal salvation and deliverance can be brought to all.

Power to Faithful Believers

Faithful Children of God will surely enjoy the full Blessings of God in 2017. God will surely show special mercy on those who uphold the Commandments and devote their lives more to the work of God, and who sow seeds to Kingdom work. There shall be manifestation of God’s mighty power and the Lord shall bless faithful brethren according to His words in the Covenants He has made with His children. Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.

All children of God should offer Praises & Thanksgiving to GOD with Psalm 136 according to the Prophetic revelation for the world in this Year 2017 of our Lord.

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