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YEAR 2016
By Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer,
The Lamp Of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries
(a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev. 21)

The General Prophesies below are from GOD, received through the HOLY GHOST. They are to guide us through out the Year 2016. We need Prayer for total victory, so join us wherever you are. Much Prayer and total FAITH in GOD will bring the much needed peace, happiness and prosperity in the lives of people and the society, and send evil away from our domain. We thank the Lord God Almighty for the fulfillments of all Year 2015 Prophesies and all the Testimonies of our brethren from all over the world. 

Please pay attention to these prophesies!
People all over the world including Church and Spiritual leaders, homes and governments should pay serious attention to my prophesies on this site, and are admonished to pray without ceasing in Year 2016. Remember, the work of the devil is to steal your joy, destroy your life and kill your glory. Satanic manifestations are responsible for human afflictions and the instability and unrest of nations. This is the hour that true children of God worldwide should pray earnest prayers to overcome the wiles of the devil in their domains.

- All my prophesies in 2015 came to full manifestation to the glory of God. The year 2015 was indeed a confusing and chaotic year with many woes in virtually all parts of the world. But still we are thankful to God who is forever faithful and merciful. The whole world should know that we are now witnessing the most critical moments in world history. Judging from the events around the world in the last few years, we can aptly say that the world has entered the last days, and without any doubt the world is now living in the biblical end times. What is now left for you and I is the grace of the Almighty God to overcome all the woes and fulfill destiny against all odds. When  you fulfill destiny on earth, it is also the will of God for you to make heaven in the end to spend your eternity with Him in Paradise.

Today, if you agree with me, everyone has become the target of the wicked satanic powers in the world. All of us, both young and old should pray more to God and resist the devil morning, day and night! You must arise and put on your whole armor of God! In this glorious Year 2016 of our Lord you have another chance to cry out aloud to claim your destiny by force! I pray for you; may the Lord give you the anointing and the grace to conquer and shine out in Jesus mighty name! You are part of the kingdom of heaven and you are born to rule and dominate.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. “ Matthew 11:12

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8

"Finally, be STRONG in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the FULL armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes." Ephesians 6:10-11

In 2016, the Shekinah glory of the Lord shall be displayed in its fullness over all the earth for the world to see the majestic power of God in action. The glory of God in the light shall overshadow the darkness. Those who remain in the light shall witness overwhelming blessings. In spite of all the calamities and woes in the world, the LORD GOD of Heaven still remains as GOD with sovereign power and dominion over all peoples and nations (Job 38:33).

- Let All The Earth Tremble Before The Throne Of God And Fear Him, And Let His Blessings Come Down!

Psalm 96:9  O worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth.

Psalm 31:19  How great is Your goodness, which You have stored up for those who fear You, which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You, before the sons of men!

As a sign of the end time, Year 2016 will undoubtedly be another year of many calamities, but let us fear the Lord and take our refuge in Him for us to enjoy His protection and divine blessings:-

1.  The signs of end-time shall be manifested more violently in Year 2016 as the whole earth shall witness deadly natural disasters like devastating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, horrible hurricane and tsunami, massive flooding by rain and from the river and ocean, pollution of the ocean and rivers, torrential rains and wind. Thunder storms and fire disasters will ravage many villages, towns and cities on the globe. Continents on the globe to be hard hit include America, Asia, Europe and Africa claiming many lives and displacing many homes.

2.  Many nations of the world will suffer political instability. Many more violence will rock many notable cities of the world. There will be massive and uncontrollable political tension in some African countries, Middle East, Europe, America and Asia.  

3.  As I prophesied in the Years 2013, 2014 & 2015, the evil activities of the terrorists’ attacks heightened in the world.  Church of God on earth suffered more persecutions in fulfillment of the Last Days Bible prophesies. Lives of innocent people including children were lost. It was also in the prophesy that the terrorists would begin to use missionary centers, tourist centers, shopping centers, schools and camp grounds to launch their major attacks on people. These prophesies came to full manifestation to God’s glory.  Also, Government Institutions, hospitality and entertainment industry among others were touched around the globe by the evil miscreants. The purpose of this prophesies is to guide us; to always be at alert and be more conscious of our safety.  May the Almighty God continue to save His people. In 2016, people all over the world should be at alert and be ready to face more devastating challenges because there will be upsurge in the number of terrorists and suicide attackers around the world who will continue to device other new methods of launching their attacks on their victims. The true missionaries of Jesus Christ around the world should arise and pray to save the world!

4.  The economy of the developing countries will worsen, to be induced by socio-economic and political problems. The world economy as a whole will continue to sink down at a larger scale leading to mass unemployment and civil strives in the affected nations. To be worst hit on the continent are the African nations, Middle East, Europe and America. 

5.  In this Year 2016, global road accidents and air disasters and other forms of disasters will be on the increase!  The wicked spiritual powers will still use the roads and the air to launch their major attacks on people. The wicked satanic powers will also continue to launch their evil attacks more violently on the sea and many boats and ships will capsize around the globe.

6.  Epidemics and diseases will take the lives of many around the world and to be affected most are the African countries. There will also be Livestock and Environmental diseases like Bird flu of which there will be new discoveries that will have a devastating effect in the Health sector.

7.  Division among the Churches: Again, as revealed in my prophesies of Years 2013 and 2014 the Lord directed me to Churches and Ministries across the globe in 2016:
It is saddening to see that Churches cannot unite and work together as a powerful force in this last days. The mentality of envy, hatred and criticism, even among the elects and brethren themselves should stop to bring sanity to the Church. The Body of Christ cannot do much in rescuing the falling world because of lack of unity. It is an unhealthy and disheartening phenomenon in this end times that the Body of Christ cannot work in one accord! Churches and ministries across the globe should unite and love one another and work together, and firmly uphold Christ doctrine and preach salvation messages to the people to save the world.

8.  Beware of Wicked Satanic Power On Earth!: The wicked powers shall be more violent against the Church in 2016 and close the shepherd eyes from the truth. They shall engage the Church in total war and impede Church progress. They shall affect the anointing of the shepherds and brethren making them to be spiritually weak and dead! The wicked satanic power is the one responsible for causing church leaders and brethren to split and fight one another. They divert focus and cause mischief in the lives of the children of God on earth! Even, church leaders of other denominations are against one another! What a disheartening and frightening scenario to find church leaders of other denominations going against one another! Religious leaders should pray fervent prayers with fasting to overcome this battle.

9.  In Year 2016, the wicked satanic power shall fetch glory of people and cause poverty at will. They shall brutally attack the rich and make them to be poor! Through this ministry there is spiritual power re-inforcement for children of God who are desirous of victory at all cost!

10.  Just as I prophesied this in Years 2014 and 2015, more than ever before on the surface of the earth, the wicked satanic power shall blind the eyes of the people and brethren in 2016 preventing them from recognizing the true gospel of Christ, and getting the right anointing for blessings of God. 

11. In 2016, all over the world, wicked satanic power shall cause more vagabondism and induce satanism in children and the youth. They shall lead more people astray both young and old, and make them to indulge in drug addiction, alcoholism, violence and all forms of evil acts.

Life Changing Books: Our ministry has published Life Changing Books that can be used by servants of God and their Churches, and also individual believers to help in anointing power impartation and Church growth. These are Holy Spirit inspired books and according to the Lord’s directive, we are mobilizing saints across the globe to partner with us in this vision of edifying the Church.

Catastrophes in the world to continue till Christ comes!

- In Matthew Chapter 24, Jesus Christ spoke about all that would happen in the end times!

Many catastrophes and woes that happen in the world in this Last Days do not need any other further prophesies because they shall continue to happen year after year more violently till Christ comes. Many of these were man-made catastrophes and were caused by people – mainly by wars, terrorists attacks, religious, socio-political and civil riots. Others are sometimes referred to as natural disasters or "acts of God" which include earthquakes and landslides, flooding, snow and ice, cyclone, hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, drought and famine etc. Others are epidemics and diseases. The Bible has spoken much about end time disasters that we are witnessing today. The only thing to advise everybody is to be at alert and be ready for Christ’ coming; to consider all these things as real evidence of end-time—for hell is real and heaven is real! Prayer can save nations and individual lives. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can find lasting peace, healing, deliverance and total freedom.

The Strongholds have to let you go in 2016!

The Lord said to me again; This year shall be exceedingly tough to them that are your oppressors! The Oppressors all over the world will find it tough and hard in this Year 2016 as GOD shall fight for His elects as usual.
“How long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Let My people go, so that they may worship Me.” (Exodus 10:3) 
According to my prophesy about your victory in 2014 and 2015, God is going to do a repeat performance of the plagues upon your “Pharaoh” to deliver you with HIS MIGHTY STRONG ARMS in 2016.

Peace and Blessings to the World

I saw again one of the Revelations (on page 29) of my book “5 DAYS WONDERS OF GOD AND THE MIGHTY REVELATIONS”:
In my vision I saw in the sky the Language of Heaven “MERAPO-KESHO-THOME……..”, meaning “VICTORY, PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO MY ELECTS” and I saw Heavenly Angelic Hosts in their multitudes worshipping and praising the Lord in loud voices! There is assurance that true covenant believers all over the world shall find their peace and blessings in 2016. They shall be protected supernaturally by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. In 2016 praise God continually and remember the above power Words and speak it as often as you can while praising the Lord with Psalm 121.

Spiritual Empowerment for those who need it
Spiritual Empowerment is available for children of God, pastors, evangelists, bishops, reverends, apostles, prophets who have the calling of God and who earnestly seek for anointing power impartation in their respective ministries of calling. It is when the Shepherds of the Lord are empowered that efficacious message of eternal salvation and deliverance can be brought to all.

Power to Faithful Believers

Faithful Children of God will surely enjoy the full Blessings of God in 2016. God will surely show special mercy on those who uphold the Commandments and devote their lives more to the work of God, and who sow seeds to Kingdom work. There will be manifestation of God’s mighty power and the Lord to bless faithful brethren according to His words in the Covenant He has made with His children. Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.
All children of God should offer Praises & Thanksgiving to GOD with Psalm 103 according to the Prophetic revelation for the world in this Year 2016 of our Lord.

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