Year 2015 Prophesies

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YEAR 2015

By Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer,
The Lamp Of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries
(a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev. 21)

Brethren Praise the Lord again, Year 2015 is here!!!

Let us keep thanking and praising the Lord.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

The General Prophesies below are from GOD, received through the HOLY GHOST. They are to guide us through out the Year 2015. We need Prayer for total victory, so join us wherever you are. Much Prayer and total FAITH in GOD will bring the much needed peace, happiness and prosperity in the lives of people and the society, and send evil away from our domain. We thank the Lord God Almighty for the fulfillments of all Year 2014 Prophesies and all the Testimonies of our brethren from all over the world. 

In 2015 Missionary bodies on earth should arise more in power of the Lord to save the world through prophetic prayers. Respective Government leaders all over the world need the power of God to rule their people and direct the affairs of their nations well as ordained by God. The Lord God Almighty has established these kingdoms and they all need the power of God for sustenance. The Missionary has a role to play as ordained by God to save these leaders of the world and their nations through efficacious prayers.

My prophesies of the past years; Years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 are still potent to the glory of God and are in consonance with current happenings in the world today. Please read them over thoroughly again and take notice very well of every content of the prophesy. The catastrophes and woes that happen in the world in this Last Days do not need any other further prophesies because they shall continue to happen till Christ comes. It is advisable for everyone on earth to be at alert and be ready for Christ’ coming; to consider all these things as real evidence of end-time. Prayer can save nations and individual lives. Through Jesus Christ we can find lasting peace, healing, deliverance, and total freedom from every bondage of life. It is the desire of God that human kind whom He has created enjoys His blessings fully on earth.

In Year 2015 more global challenges lie ahead
Bible prophesies shall manifest more in Year 2015.  There shall be flooding by heavy rains with abnormal thunder storms and strange things in the firmament, Wild fire, Hailstorms, Typhoon, Hurricanes, Earthquake and Tornadoes will affect the nations of the world. People shall see the wondrous power of God and many shall begin to turn to God for help. Man-made solutions to these woes are not in sight since they are natural catastrophes. Only prayer to the Lord God Almighty can bring effectual change and relief.

Many nations of the world will suffer more political and economic instability. There will be political instability which will lead to agitation, violent rivalry and anarchy in almost all the countries of the world. Major civil riots and also religious upheaval will break out specifically in some countries in West Africa and also in other African countries and Middle East. Churches in West Africa and East Africa will face more terrorists attack in 2015. The uprising in the Middle East will be more catastrophic in Year 2015. There will be upsurge in the number of terrorists and suicide attackers around the world who will also device other methods of launching their attacks on their victims. Religious centers, especially Churches should be at alert and pray more. The devastations of the unrest in these countries will have severe impact in their economy. The kingdom of darkness will use the unrests to destabilize people, homes and nations. In 2015 there will still be road, sea and air disasters around the world but the Lord shall be in full control. Each country should pray for their notable personalities and people for God to save lives.

Pray more in 2015
As the wicked satanic power is now rising more on earth, it is advisable for every individual person and every home to move closer to GOD and pray fervent prayers to send away evil and quench the fiery dart of the wicked (1Peter 5:8). When you pray to God and also spend much time with Him in worship, praises and thanksgiving, all battles of life and woes are overcomed and also you attract God’s richly blessings unto your life and home. The Oppressors and Satanic agents that trouble you shall find it tough and hard in this Year 2015 as GOD shall arise with His mighty strong Arms and fight for His people. (2 Thessalonians 1:6; Psalm 89:13).

Peace and Blessings to the World
In my vision I saw in the sky the Language of Heaven “JAH-JEHOVAH-HOSNIH-MICAIH”, meaning “JAH JEHOVAH – HOSANAH IN THE HIGHEST-MY CARETAKER AND HELPER” and I saw heavenly Angelic Hosts in their multitudes worshipping and praising the Lord in loud voices! There is assurance that true covenant believers all over the world shall find their peace and blessings in 2015. They shall be protected supernaturally by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. In 2015 praise God continually and remember the above power Words and speak it as often as you can while praising the Lord!  Read Matthew 21:9;  Psalm 118.

Spiritual Empowerment for those who need it
Spiritual Empowerment is available for Children of God, pastors, evangelists, bishops, reverends, apostles, prophets who have the calling of God and who earnestly seek for anointing power impartation in their respective ministries of calling. It is when the Shepherds of the Lord are empowered that efficacious message of eternal salvation and deliverance can be brought to all.

Power to Faithful Believers

Faithful Children of God will surely enjoy the full Blessings of God in 2015. God will surely show special mercy on those who uphold the Commandments and devote their lives more to the work of God, and who sow seeds to Kingdom work. There will be manifestation of God’s mighty power and the Lord to bless faithful brethren according to His words in the Covenant He has made with His children. Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.
All children of God should offer Praises & Thanksgiving to GOD with Psalm 148 according to the Prophetic revelation for the world in this Year 2015 of our Lord.

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Insight to 2015 Prophesies (released earlier in 2014)

You have seen the power of God in our current Year 2014 Prophesies as revealed to the whole world. In the remaining part of Year 2014, the Lord shall continue to arise in power to rescue the world. He alone is worthy of our praises! Shalom to the world!!!

Again, here is an insight to Year 2015 Prophesies as revealed to the prophet by the Lord. God showed me more shocking revelations! Full details will be released soon, please watch out!

Year 2015 Prophesies reveal more about shocking wicked satanic strongholds from highest to lowest hierarchy in their operations!!!

The world should not fear, this is not yet the end of the world, but just that more woeful devastating things will continue to happen! The Lord is forever glorified in His Heavenly Throne and on the earth.

A call to be more Vigilant and to Pray more!

Beware:  Evil Agents are rising up more in the World every second against every home, against every nation, and even against the prophet of God!

Beware:  Someone close to you may be an Agent of the wicked satanic stronghold! Watch closely around you and your privacy, be mindful of any congregation and association you involve yourself in as nowhere again seems to be a safe place! Be vigilant anywhere you go and anywhere you are. BE WISE because the devil rages on more violently to destroy!

Beware:  The so-called Children of God, young and old are also among the principal agents being subdued and recruited daily by high level wicked satanic powers at everywhere, including Christian service centers as spies! These Children of God know the truth but willingly surrender to be used as devil’s vessels!

A Word from the Lord: Are you an evil agent that the devil is using in perpetrating all manners of woes against the good work of God for humanity on earth and against the Prophet of God? The Lord God spoke to me that you can still release yourself from the satanic strongholds and be free now! A word is enough for the wise!! 2Kings 19:30, 35; Number 16:28-33;
Numbers 26:9-10.

- In my Prophesies of past years, and especially Year 2013 and Year 2014, you will see that the Lord is accurate in His Prophesies through the prophet of God. In Year 2015 the world should brace up for more challenges in the area of health and global security:

World Health Organization (WHO) should be at alert and stand-by to respond swiftly to more emergency scary health issues in 2015. They are doing their best in saving the world. The Lord is glorified!

The United Nations Organization (UNO) should do more and adopt better strategies to promote peace and mutual co-existence among nations. They are doing their best in saving the world. The Lord is glorified!

The Lord showed me divine strategies for lasting peace in the world which I would like to share with appropriate UN Departments and other similar organizations in the world at no cost to save the world. The appropriate Departments promoting world peace, and also interested individual countries should contact:

-  Climatic conditions all over the earth will change considerably and there will be shocking fearful manifestations from Heaven down to the earth! The Celestial bodies will shake and the Planets also will shake announcing God’s supernatural sovereign power to the eyes of the people! At different territories of the world and at different times of the Year, there will be shocking signs in the firmament that all eyes will see!

- Starting now and stretching to Year 2015, the big missionaries in the world should pray more to avoid major catastrophes that will befall the Church and loosing of brethren as a result of internal and external satanic forces that will undermine missionary movement. In this revelation, missionaries in the African continent and the Middle East will be affected more, but if prayer and fasting are offered now the incidence of evil will be reduced to the barest minimum.

-  Homes should pray against demonic influence possessing the children and the youths at every community of the world! The devil in its final rage is setting them against the peace of the world and the missionary of God on earth. Note also that the prophets and people of God are now subjects of ridicule at every community of the world. These children are being aided by the mercenaries, the press and social media that also cooperate with them to perpetrate these end-time evil acts! Homes should guide their Children and pray earnest prayers now!

- There will be major breakdown of law and order in most countries of the world. Leaders should apply God-given wisdom and prayer to overcome. We admonish the world to continue the on-going 365 Days Prayer Marathon for the World.

- Civil servants, Professionals, Enterpreneurs and Business men who put God first in all things shall continue to flourish.

- The Anointing power of the Lord shall come down upon many and they shall be healed of all forms of evil attacks, curses, sicknesses and stagnation etc.

- The Anointing power of God will be made abundantly available to missionaries and servants of God who have genuine calling to propagate good missionary visions.

The Lord has spoken His Word again, whoever has ears let them hear what the Lord is saying here through His prophet!

The Lord bless you, your family, your nation and the world in Jesus mighty name. AMEN!!!