Year 2012 Prophesies

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YEAR 2012

By Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer,

The Lamp Of Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries
(a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev. 21)


Year 2012 Prophesies for Government Offices

Year 2012 Prophesies for Government Offices are available to only Government officials who hold sensitive offices, and also high profile personalities who need them as a guide for the Year 2012. Respective Government Officials all over the world and high profile personalities need the power of God to rule their people and direct the affairs of their nations well as ordained by God. The Lord God Almighty Has established these kingdoms and they all need the power of God for sustenance. As a missionary, and as directed by the Lord, we have a duty to save these leaders of the world and their nations. All prophesies here and directives for Government Offices and their Officials are strictly confidential.  
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Individual Personalized Year 2012 Prophesies on CD and PDF format

Individual Personalized Year 2012 Prophesies on CD and PDF format are available on request only, and are prepared within 7 Days of Order under the directives and guardian of the Holy Spirit. We will stop producing it by October 2012. It is always good to order early for you to begin to use early enough for maximum blessings of God upon your life. We dispatch it worldwide by courier at any location that you are.     
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Individual Prophesies on CD and PDF format are specially personalized with your name and with special prayers for you as revealed by the Holy Spirit. This special highly spiritual CD has an amazing Anointing power and you can play it in your car, house, and office and even when you are on your bed at night etc. The PDF is readable in simple English words and you can use it at any time you wish. With this personalized Prophesies CD and PDF, you are loaded and armed with mighty power of the Lord and you will be able to break down the wicked powers of darkness that hover round your life. By the power of God, the special Prayers embedded in the CD and PDF will destroy instantly the looming catastrophes against your life throughout the Year like accidents, sickness, failures, fears, anxieties & worries, and also other unforeseen evil circumstances; it will destroy any form of curses or wicked arrows sent to you from enemies, witches and wizards. Furthermore, as you use the CD or PDF, bad foundations will totally be removed from your life and you’ll be completely delivered and sanctified, and be overwhelmed by the blessings of the Lord that will begin to pour down over your life immediately. We need only your name and your location to prepare you a special personalized Year 2012 Prophesies on CD or PDF format or both.     
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                    YEAR 2012 

                  By Prophet Dr. Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer, 
The Lamp Of  Jerusalem Deliverance Ministries
                        (a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev. 21)

 The General Prophesies below are from GOD, received through the HOLY GHOST. They are to guide us through out the Year 2012. We need Prayer for each of the Prophesies, so join us wherever you are. Much Prayer and total FAITH in GOD will bring the much needed peace, and send evil away from our domain. We thank the Lord God Almighty for the fulfillments of Year 2011 Prophesies and all the Testimonies of our people and brethren from all over the world.

1.  The signs of end-time shall be manifested more violently in Year 2012 as the whole earth shall witness deadly supernatural phenomenon including natural disasters as a witness to all mankind according to the Bible prophesies. Natural disasters like devastating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, hurricane, massive flooding by rain and from the river and ocean, pollution of the ocean and rivers, torrential rains and wind, thunder storms and fire disasters will ravage many villages, towns and cities on the globe. At different times in the Year 2012, strange signs and fearful celestial bodies and appearances will emerge from the space that will be unknown to the scientists and unexplorable.  The Lord God Almighty His Majesty the Lord of Hosts will begin to manifest His awesome wonderous power for the sons of men to wonder and ponder!  Everyone should be at alert and pray to God for mercy and safety.  Many shocking fearful things will happen on earth that will be beyond human knowledge and understanding! Also major global Environmental disasters to be grossly induced by massive changes in weather conditions and shift of the earth axis shall occur. This will lead to drought, low farm produce, and famine. Religious leaders and children of God in all the countries of the world should fast and pray to God to save the earth.

2.  The whole world should be awake and be at alert to face more challenges in Year 2012 as the global political and economic systems will be violently shaken with massive uncontrollable corruption! Individual states on the globe should pray fervent prayers to God Almighty to allow peace and tranquility on earth. Impending military tussle and unavoidable wars between the West and the Middle East and especially in the gulf are looming that will affect many nations.  It will be a spiral war that will take a longer time to end and will affect the whole world. Fervent prayers and fasting by Religious leaders and the children of God will avert wars and bring peace in the world.

3.  Many nations of the world will suffer more political instability. Many more violence will rock many notable cities of the world. The political tensions will heighten and will lead to brutal anarchy. Major civil riots and also religious wars will break out specifically in some countries in West Africa and also in other African countries, Middle East, Europe and Asia.  The uprising in the Middle East will be more catastrophic in Year 2012 that will claim many lives of people. The devastations of the civil unrest in these countries will have severe impact in the global economy. Religious leaders and children of God should fast and pray to God for their countries and the world. The intervention of the Western world will cause more damages and catastrophes. The kingdom of darkness will use the unrests to destabilize many homes and cause many people including children to go astray. There will be massive religious confrontations and wicked satanic arrows will also be directed at major religious centers all over the globe. The time has come to stand upright in the Lord.

4.  The wicked satanic power will use the entertainment industry to launch severe spiritual attacks against innocent souls and non-believers for destruction. This is in agitation of his final end-time war to recruit many to hell! The spirit of seduction will be at record high and only God Almighty can save the people, especially the young souls all over the world. The true missionaries of Jesus Christ around the world should arise more with power to save the youths and the people, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to save the sinking world! God Almighty shall surely save His children against these earthly woes of our time in Jesus Name.

5.   Dangers loom ahead in the global Oil Industry. There will be severe global Oil crisis to be induced by international issues too hard for the Oil industries and governments to handle as a result of which many economies of some nations will be held to ransom. The players in this industry and the governments should seek God's guidance in their operations and pray very well to avert serious looming dangers that will affect the whole world. The world economy, more than ever before will sink further down at a larger scale leading to mass unemployment and civil strives in these nations. To be worst hit on the continent are the Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The children of God are under the mighty protective arms of the Lord. Psalm 125: 1-2; Psalm 91:1; Proverbs 18:10.

6.  There will be coup de tats and certain notable world leaders in Asia, Middle East and Africa will be assassinated. Some of these notable world leaders will be subject of attacks from both internal and external aggression. Also some high profile personalities and celebrities across the globe will be subject of attacks from the enemies and political rivals. Fervent prayers will avert deaths and save these leaders.

7.  In this Year 2012, global road accidents and air disasters will be on the increase!  The wicked spiritual powers will use the roads and the air to launch their major attacks on people. The wicked satanic powers will also begin to launch their evil attacks more violently on the sea and many boats and ships will capsize around the globe. GOD Has promised to save the lives of His people. Always pray and read Psalm 121 with your prayer whenever you are embarking on a journey and Praise the GOD.

8.  Epidemics and diseases will take the lives of many around the world as a result of lack of proper medical care. To be affected most are the African countries suffering from the ravages of hyper-inflations, wars, famine and bad leadership. The missionaries around the world have a role to play in this direction to save lives in the affected countries and all glory shall be unto the Lord God, the Father of the helpless. On the other hand, Livestock and Environmental diseases like Bird flu and other new discoveries will break out that will have a devastating effect in the Health sector especially in Europe, Asia and America. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant bodies should be at alert. Many who run to God shall be healed in Year 2012. 

9.  Year 2012 will undoubtedly be another year of many calamities, and individual persons and homes are admonished to move closer to GOD and Pray to send away unseen dangers concerning their beloved ones home and abroad, and also to attract Blessings of GOD. The Oppressors all over the world will find it tough and hard in this Year 2012 as GOD shall arise and fight for the common man. Children of GOD who are genuine believers will enjoy the full Blessings of GOD in all their ways throughout Year 2012 and beyond!

10.  GOD will surely show special mercy on those who uphold the Commandments and devote their lives more to the work of GOD, and who sow seeds to Kingdom work. The Lord to reward specially and bless faithful brethren according to His words in the Covenant He Has made with His children. Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.
All children of GOD should offer Praises & Thanksgiving to GOD with Psalms 95, Psalms 96, Psalm118, Psalm 100, Psalm 103, Psalm 107, Psalm 105.

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