Year 2010 Prophesies

       YEAR 2010 
             By:  Prophet (Dr.) Stanley Kuforiji, General Overseer, 
           The Lamp Of  Jerusalem Of Heaven For All Nations.
          (a.k.a. The Light Of The Lamb Rev.21)

The General Prophesies below are from GOD, received through the HOLY GHOST. They are to guide us through out the Year 2010. We need Prayer for each of the Prophesies, so join us wherever you are. Much Prayer and total FAITH in GOD will bring the much needed peace, and send evil away from our domain. 

1.    Entertainment Industry will flourish more, as more talents will be discovered around the world, and also more major players will come into this industry leading to more revenue generation and stability of the industry.

2.   Major epidemics will break out in some parts of African countries which will claim the lives of many children. Prompt response and effective rescue measures will save lives.

3.   Apart from the Bird Flu disease, other related Livestock diseases will break out that will have a devastating effect in the Health sector.

4.    Road accidents will claim many lives. Road users should be cautious and pray.

5.   Economic situation of some countries will worsen, and more industries will be forced to close down. This will lead to mass unemployment.

6.   Many individual business owners and industrialists will be forced out of business because the economic situation will not be favourable in some countries. Mostly affected countries are the East Africa and West Africa.

7.   Many notable world leaders will fall sick, and only fervent prayer can avert deaths. There can also be assassination attempts on some leaders.

8.    Many nations of the world will suffer more political instability. The activities of corrupt and inept officials will be heightened. The political tensions will be so pronounced and will lead to anarchy in many of these nations.

9.   More severe hardship will force many out of the cities to be induced by lack of fund to fulfill city life obligations. Affected people should read Psalm 57 and Psalm 71 in their hearts, and pray very well to GOD. The hardship will force many people to their breakthroughs! The Name of the LORD is glorified forever!

10.  There will be major setback in the Global Oil Market prices. Market players should be cautious in their dealings.

11.  There will be a rise in Religious Beliefs. Strong Christian Bodies with new missionary revolution will begin to emerge around the world.

12.  Irregular weather condition will be experienced in some countries of the world. This may lead to drought, low farm produce, and famine. Prayer can avert this obnoxious situation.

13.  International market pressure will force the dollar to slide against major currencies of the world.

14.  Natural Disasters of greater magnitude and probably of the worst kinds will occur in some parts of American and Asian countries claiming many lives. Fervent Prayers can avert this perilous occurrence.

15.  The number of the terrorists and suicide attackers will be reduced to the minimum.

16.  More than ever before, corruption will be at record high at Public and Private Places and there will be many cases of corruption petitions. Many Public and Private Servants will be forced out of their work. Mostly affected are the African and Asian countries.

17.  Like Year 2009, more Religious and Civil riots to be politically induced will break out in some major cities around the world, but the HOLY GHOST will arrest the situation before spreading too far. Religious Leaders should pray more. Fasting & Prayer will save the situation, and proffer lasting solution.

18.  Two popular Artists and One notable Heavy Weight Fighter, at different occasions will be involved in ghastly motor accidents which may claim their lives! The above categories of people and well-wishers should pray to avert evil situations.

 19.  Individual Homes should move closer to GOD and Pray to send away unseen dangers concerning their beloved ones home and abroad, and also to attract Blessings of GOD.

20.  GOD will show special mercy on those who uphold the Commandments and devote their lives more to the work of GOD, and who are faithful in the discharge of their obligations in the House of GOD, these include Pastors, Ministers, Workers and Brethren who have been called. GOD to reward and Bless them specially according to His words in the Covenant He Has made with His children. Deuteronomy 28: 1-14.
All children of GOD should offer Praises & Thanksgiving to GOD with Psalm118, Psalm 100, and Psalm 103.

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              For You: August - October 2010
( InaOrunyimika, OgunOrunyimipo, Orundamilare)

These Are The Monthly Prophetic Blessings revealed by the HOLY GHOST As Ordained! Ensure to abide by all these Prophesies and Pray.

REVELATION ONE - Part 2: Some People's Keys That Are Lost Have Been Found!


Through this prophesies, several people who responded around the world have received their breakthroughs and have been blessed forever! Glory be unto the LORD.

This Key is the Glory of God in you; to make you to be fulfilled in life in your exact plane as ordained for you by God Almighty your maker.


In this Revelation, I saw many people struggling out in the wilderness searching for their Keys which they could not find! In their struggles, they searched until darkness came and covered up the wilderness and I heard people crying in agony! Many of them cried until their voices cracked and fainted!


As I looked up to Heaven in this Revelation, the Moon began to shine forth! And as if it were early morning sunrise, a voice spoke to me saying, "beloved, look out in this direction of the Moon ahead of you and there you shall find Four Golden Bowls containing the lost Keys"! I was afraid, and as I moved ahead of me as the voice has directed, I saw the Four Big Golden Bowls in four-corner shape filled to the top with different types of Keys small and big, so large in number that they can not be counted!


The voice continue talking to me and said, "see, my beloved, right here now, there are 875,000 Keys for your brethren, take them and give them to their owners anywhere they are around the world!


As the HOLY SPIRIT revealed further, I was amazed and began to see Name Tags of students who could not pass their examinations, business men and traders whose businesses are not buoyant presently, names of people that are sick including children, barren women who can not conceive and have children of their own, names of those that cannot marry because of one problem or the other, people whose promotions have been long overdue in their places of works, names of people who want to be free from court cases, and those who want peace and divine security! The Name Tags are so many and endless!!! THE NAME OF THE LORD BE GLORIFIED FOR THIS GREAT REVELATIONS! 

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 1.    Give thanks to God for His Mercy & Grace over you till today


2.    Give thanks to God for restoring your bad foundation


3.    Give thanks to the Lord for your Keys that have been searched out and given to you. Your own Keys may be any of the following: Breakthrough, Fruitfulness, Healing, Success, Promotion, Peace & Divine Security or others.


4.    Promise God that you will serve Him and support his work. 


5.    Plead the BLOOD OF JESUS on your Keys which you have just received by FAITH, and pray to God to make your victory  to be permanent.


The Bible Texts to read with your Prayer:  Psalm 3:8, Psalm 71.


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